Ibar Canine Companions

Ibar Canine Companions
Ibar Canine Companions
  • Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, United States (US)
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Welcome to our corner of the world! Here, a few things hold our hearts. First and foremost, our bustling family—six amazing children fill our lives with endless joy. The great outdoors beckons us, and while we all dabble in gardening, Barbie reigns as our green-thumbed maestro. Dreaming of a family adventure out West to behold the majestic Rockies fuels our wanderlust.

In our world, dogs hold a special place. We raise both boxers and mini-dashchunds, not merely as a business but as a family endeavor. Our mission? Crafting exceptional pups destined for homes where they’ll bask in the unconditional love and warmth that pups offer.  In fact, our name came from Ivan first initial and Barbie first 3 letters – IBAR!

Our primary goals revolve around ensuring you receive a healthy puppy that thrives within your family and facilitating a seamless transition into your home. To support this, we use and recommend Nuvet Supplements for their well-being and implement the highly effective Good Dog One-der class training techniques. We highly recommend considering this class as it greatly contributes to nurturing a well-trained, lifelong companion.

We’re genuinely grateful you’ve stopped by to peek at these adorable pups. Got questions? Feel free to reach out via text, email, or call our team as you journey towards adopting your new furry companion. And if you’d like a closer look, we’d be thrilled to connect with you over FaceTime. Can’t wait to make that connection!

Warm regards,
Ivan and Barbie Fisher

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