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Frequently Asked Questions

DNA tests allow you to better understand your dog's genetics. These types of tests can tell you if your dog is likely to be affected by specific conditions or whether they may pass on the genes associated with these conditions if they're bred from.

We allow each breeder to decide whether they accept deposits to secure a puppy or whether they require payment in full.  Either way, your purchase is made quickly and securely online.

Specific transportation arrangements are between you and the breeder.  We do not have relationships with any carriers, nor do we collect payment for transportation.

As part of the initial payment, whether it's a deposit or payment full, you will be presented with an agreement and health guarantee, which requires your digital signature and counter signature from the breeder.

This is designed to be a mutual protection for you and the breeder.

Absolutely!  Every breeder has their own kennel page on Responsible Dog Breeder that contains their contact information. 

Even though all of our breeders undergo an approval process, we strongly encourage all prospective puppy buyers to talk to their breeder first before making a purchase.

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